Social Fundraising Campaign
Social Fundraising Campaign: 2017 Dream Big! Walk

Money Raised: $505.00  Campaign Goal: $10,000.00


DREAM BIG! 2017 is an exciting opportunity to raise awareness about narcolepsy, a serious sleep disorder which affects at least one in every 2000 people.  Walk donations and sponsorship will support the work of Narcolepsy Network, a nationwide nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing early diagnosis of narcolepsy, advocating for and supporting people with narcolepsy and their families, and promoting research for treatment and a cure.

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  Raised: $30.00
  Goal: N/A

Esme Narc'n in the USA

  Raised: $0.00
  Goal: $20.00

Narc'n in the USA

  Raised: $0.00
  Goal: $60.00

Michelle's Dream Big! Team

  Raised: $0.00
  Goal: $200.00